Terms of use

Directory Submission Guidelines

  1. Decide whether your site is appropriate for directory submission or find a directory that is related to your niche.

  2. Do a search on the directory and make sure that your web site is not already listed.

  3. From the directory home page find the best category for your site. Make sure to only submit your site to the most relevant subject category, as web sites that are submitted under incorrect or irrelevant categories may be refused.

  4. Once you've found the most relevant subject category click on "Add A Link Today" or "Submit Link".

  5. Follow the web directories submission guidelines as they are not all the same and describe your web sites content accurately.

The Do Not's of Directory Submission

  • Do not use a promotional description.

  • Do not submit your URL more than once as this can result in your site being refused.

  • Do not disguise your submission.

    • Examples: http://www.domain.com and http://www.domain.com/blog

  • Do not submit web sites with illegal or inappropriate content by nature. We all know what this means...

  • Do not submit web sites with duplicate or identical content.

  • Do not submit web sites that use black-hat seo.

  • Do not sumit web sites with pirated software, music, and movies.

  • Do not submit web sites with "get rich quick" schemes.

  • Do not submit web sites that are under construction.

  • Do not submit web sites that redirect to other sites.